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In May of 1975 Omega List Company began serving the world of political and charitable fundraising by offering quality list brokerage and list management services. Today, with well over 25 years of experience under our belt, Omega manages over 60 lists that represent some two million donor records. In addition, Omega actively brokers for over 40 organizations. As the fundraising world continues to evolve so does Omega List Company, combining our 25 plus years of experience with the technology of tomorrow to create quality in direct mail fundraising.

Omega is the part of the Eberle Communications Group of fundraising companies. ECG was founded in 1974 and has provided award winning fund raising campaigns for charitable and political organizations of all sizes ever since.


Mike Hiban, PresidentMike Hiban, President
Since joining Omega in October 1987, Mike has expanded his list expertise to encompass both charitable and consumer lists, while expanding his knowledge of the conservative donor universe. He has become a well respected and knowledgeable list broker. Known for his candid and starkly honest appraisals of individual lists, list users throughout the nation come to Michael for list recommendations. Mike has indeed brought a "breath of fresh air" to the list marketing industry.

Mike has also used his considerable skills to effectively and efficiently market the lists owned by the clients of the Eberle Communications Group in order to maximize list rental income to the groups whose list are managed by Omega List Company. As a result of his efforts, list rental income has become not only a major source of revenue for these organizations, but also a reliable one.

Mike Hiban is responsible for the supervision of Omega List Company on a day to day basis. He oversees all accounts, is in charge of all list management and works closely with the Eberle Data Center that maintains the lists managed by Omega List Company.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Maryland (1986). In his spare time you can find Mike at a baseball game, a football game or some other sports event.

1420 Spring Hill Rd., Suite 490, McLean, VA 22102, (703) 821-1890
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